Who we are

Yarrow Global Consulting gGmbH is a feminist non-profit founded in 2019 that focuses on the intersection of health, gender and the environment. Through qualitative research and evaluation, consultancy work and policy analysis we contribute to dismantling unequal power structures and driving sustainable change at organizational and policy levels. We work with an international network of professionals from the areas of global health and wellbeing, gender research and feminist thought, and environment and climate change.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of communities by facilitating dialogue, building capacity and disruptive change. We work with civil society groups, especially those lead by women or other historically excluded groups, policy makers as well as public and private enterprises to develop more inclusive, equal decision-making processes.


Our goal is to contribute to a feminist and decolonial framework for global and planetary health, focusing on power structures within and between organisations and in collaboration with diverse experts, especially from underrepresented and excluded communities.

How we work

We work through a feminist lens

We focus on bottom-up approaches and participatory methods, valuing lived experience and practice, expressed through the voices of the people we work with.

Our trainings and facilitations are based on mutual understandings of inequalities and strive to create violence free spaces of communication and conduct.

Our approach is intersectional and transformative. We negotiate diverse settings and support solutions that challenge the status quo.

We strive to position ourselves in the complex power dynamics that accompany consulting and research.

We work to make power relationships visible, uncovering unconscious biases and enabling dialogue.

We strongly believe in utopias; we believe a better world is possible.

Our Consultants

We work with a number of qualified consultants with expertise in Global Health, gender and the environment. The majority of our consultants have many years of experience in global development work, but we also train and prepare young consultants. We believe that diverse teams with varied perspectives are better able to produce sustainable solutions for global challenges.

We provide our consultants administrative and technical support and assist with project management where necessary. The rising number of cross-sectional projects demands new skills in the area of digitization, agile methods, and alternative work and management concepts. We support consultants by offering in-house and external training in these areas.

Sylvia Sax

Sylvia Sax is a quality improvement expert and public health scientist with a background in nursing, quality management and capacity building.

She has over four decades experience in quality management, and reforming health care systems and access with a focus on maternal health. She teaches courses on global health system strengthening at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health and has expertise in curriculum development and the use of participatory learning mechanisms. She is the co-founder of Yarrow Global Consulting.

Judy Khanyola

Judy is a registered community health nurse/ midwife and recognized nursing leader in Africa with over 25 years’ experience in clinical nursing and education programs.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton and a master’s degree in Advancing Health Care Practice from the University of Manchester in the UK. She is currently the Africa Representative for Nursing Now, the global campaign to raise the status and profile of nurses and midwives worldwide, the Secretary for AFREhealth which is the convening body for health education and research in Africa, a board member of AfriPEN, the interprofessional collaborative in Africa, and core member of AfroPHC, the continent’s body for Primary Health Care. Judy is the 2019 recipient of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) Global HIV Award. She is currently the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)’s Chair of the Center for Nursing and Midwifery and is based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Norma Lange-Tagaza

A sociologist by training Norma Lange- Tagaza is a global health consultant with a focus on leadership, project management, and change in health systems in low-income countries.

Norma teaches at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health and at the Development Academy of the Philippines where she covers Social Determinants of Health. She has extensive experience in intercultural competence training and has worked in dozens of countries around the world.

Njeri Kimotho

Njeri Kimotho is a senior policy advisor and capacity builder in inclusive sector transformation, with 13 years of experience as gender and social inclusion expert and consultant with field experiences mainly in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Njeri has wide experience in international development, civil society policy advocacy and implementation of human rights and social justice strategies, experience in micro, meso and macro gender and socio-economic analysis and evaluations. Njeri has extensive experience in monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge management of programs with a gender and intersectionality lens. She has led global gender taskforce and linking & learning thematic group in international development programming. She currently serves as advisory board member for Diversity Advancement Network (DAN).

Patricia Rangel

Patricia Rangel is a political scientist with 15 years of experience in gender analysis. As a consultant, she has provided services for United Nations organisms, political foundations, and civil society organizations.

She has worked on designing and implementing research projects; conducting data analysis; and has authored various knowledge products (reports, discussion papers, policy briefs, articles and academic work) for a range of audiences.

Sumegha Asthana

Sumegha Asthana is a health policy and systems researcher based in India, researching global health policy and governance.

She is also a physician and health administrator by training, and an independent public health consultant who holds honorary positions at the Institute for Public Health Bengaluru and Queen Mary University, London. She is the country-lead and co-founder of the India chapter of Women in Global Health.

Lila Sax dos Santos Gomes

Lila Sax dos Santos Gomes has an MSc in anthropology with a focus on youth and reproductive health in Brazil.

She has over a decade of experience working in public sector design and programming, including for city governments and labor unions. Her current focus is the effects of the COVID pandemic on women, girls and marginalized groups. Lila has taught courses on leadership in crisis situations, gender at the workplace and diversity and inclusion. She is the co-founder and CEO of Yarrow Global Consulting.

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